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Reign In Us verse

Thank You God for savin' me! You freely gave Your seed!
So I gave my body, now I’m safe an' free as You reign in me
Embracin’ me as Your child, so I Follow the Leader, the Head of the Line
I was LOST without You, alone on my own, upset all the time
Deadened inside, dreadin’ my life, plannin’ to die ‘cause I fed into lies
Red in the eyes, sad in disguise ‘til I met the Divine, now I’m BETTER than fine!
Forever indebted to Christ, all glory to Him who bled for MY crime!
Paid my unpayable debt when He died, just call me Wretched Refined
I was caged in drugs, rage and grudge, shame and lust
Tried to break free from it all by myself but, every day, was stuck
With muted screams and wailin’ thoughts, so I’m prayin’, God
That the lost would have You embraced for loving ingrates choosing grace
Youth would gaze at Your face and have a true unmoving faith
Desire to choose Your ways, to seek You first all through their days
That they'd have faith that lasts, unashamed to persuade with facts
That we would answer their doubts because it’s safe to ask
That broken lives would be changed and that You would smash their chains in half
That their eyes would be opened to see past the mass charade that traps
So may Your light blaze in us so lost souls would pray and trust
And help us to remain in You so You’ll remain and reign in us!


Christians will not immediately need to renounce their faith in God “simply on the basis of the reception of [this] new, unexpected information of a religious character from extraterrestrial civilizations.” However, once the “religious content” originating from outside the earth “has been verified” they will have to conduct “a re-reading [of the Gospel] inclusive of the new data…”
– Vatican Astronomer, Eminent Theologian and Full Professor of Fundamental Theology in Rome [Connected With Opus Dei], Father Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitt



On April 23rd of 2005 - five years and some months before I would accept my Creator - I posted an entry titled "Eureka!" I was excited because I finally found "a belief with no God AT ALL." 

A few days prior, on the 20th, I stated I was "of Agnosticism", but renounced it just two days later after reading "even Agnostics could believe in a God". At this time, my interest in my own religion was renewed. Basically, I believed in Jesus as being nothing more than a moral teacher, rejecting all supernatural aspects in the gospels and attributing his miracle-working to illusionism. In effect, you could say I was a Christian atheist adhering to Jesuism. Though, in my mind, I first named this "religion" of mine Jeschriism before coining it Scientialism. In fact, just a few days after posting the "Eureka!" entry, I recorded a song in which I rapped, "I believe in Jesus, just not the Jesus you believe in / I believe in God, just not the God you believe in / Jesus was a human and God's real name is Science" I had fallen into the all-too-common perception of having to choose either religion or science. Interestingly, something about Jesus still attracted me. However, I did not take into account the claims to divinity made by Jesus. Without realizing it at the time, my belief in Jesus as a great human teacher who said the sort of things He did would actually make Him either a deceived madman or a deceiving fiend.

So, just a day after coining the word Scientialism for myself, I had read of Scientism and adopted it as my belief. Scientism claims that true knowledge can only be obtained scientifically. It claims the scientific method is the only way to understand truth and reality, not just one mode of reaching knowledge. The science (i.e. evolution) vs. religion paradigm is presupposed in the definition of Scientism. The "single-minded adherence to only the empirical" is stated as a strictly scientific worldview, whereas the "Protestant fundamentalism that rejects science" is stated as a strictly religious worldview. Scientism seeks to do away with all metaphysical, philosophical, and religious claims of truth, simply because they cannot be understood by the scientific method. Science becomes the absolute and only justifiable access to the truth. I am writing this to give you a sense of my confusion and search for something that would satisfy my existence. I now see Scientism's flawed logic and failure to meet its own standards of verifiability. I also now understand the cooperative relationship between faith and reason and see that the conflict instead lies between competing worldviews. 

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Understanding Our Triune God


The doctrine of the Trinity did not have any relevance to my life (that is, I did not believe it had any relevance) until the night the Trinity saved me. The truth is that the Trinity was always relevant, even in my stubborn rebellion. Our Triune God will always be relevant to humans, whether they're saved or not. The Godhead is a diverse community working together in perfect harmony and is thus the perfect example for us to unite in our differences. When we work together in fellowship, our unity should reflect the unity of the Trinity. God commands us to be holy as He is holy (1 Peter 1:15-17) because it leads to the best for our lives. God did not create mankind because He was lonely; the Trinity undermines this assertion. Rather, He created mankind to allow us to experience the ineffable bliss with Him.

Those who say the Trinity is a man-made doctrine simply because the word "trinity" is not in the Bible are making a poor excuse. The word "rapture" is not in the Bible either, but the concepts of both are clearly taught in Scripture. The word "rapture" comes from the Latin "raptus", which means "caught up" or "taken away". In the Bible, the Greek "harpazó" is used, which means "seize by force". Similarly, we gave the name "Passion" to the suffering of Christ from the Greek "paschó" (meaning "suffer") used in the Bible. In the Vulgate, the Latin "passio" is used, meaning "suffering". The word "bible" is not in the Bible either, so should we not believe that the books we have are the Bible? [On an interesting side note, the Koine Greek "ta biblia" ("the books") was also used by Hellenistic Jews to describe their Septuagint and the singular "biblion" had the meaning of "scroll" before it was used to mean "book".]

Anyway, a recent session in my apologetics group has made me understand the Trinity and its relevance better than I did before. One thing I learned in particular stood out and I felt a need to share it.

One in Three & Three in OneCollapse )


Why Christ?


It is important (and interesting) to note that no religion changes lives as drastically as does Christianity. 

The night I surrendered and submitted myself to the Supreme Being of the Universe, why didn't I immediately think of Allah, Brahman, Waheguru, Baha, Ahura Mazda, Gitche Manitou, or the god of any other religion? There is something about the God of Israel - "I AM THAT I AM" - that extends its reach past geographical locations. It is not as simple as our locations determining our faiths for us, as one particular person would love to have you believe. So, what sets Him apart from all other humanly-devised ideas? What makes Him stand out so uniquely that I would know which is the one true god that I was crying out to?

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Higgs Boson verse

So they discovered a particle, they haven’t gone far at all
The question’s still the same, it still remains HOW did it start it all?
It took 4 decades and their suppressive scheme is still ill-conceived
They still can’t see GOD holds it all together like a skilled nanny
They will never solve anythin’ with their infinite regression
The quest for the meanin’ they’re seekin’ is an innate impression
Written on their hearts, they are without excuse, yet they doubt it’s true
Oh, God, if only they would call out, You’d prove, they’d be shoutin’, “Truce!”
They dunno what they are searching for, it’s the ultimate goose chase
Their pride will not let them lose face, their sight will not let them choose grace
But I pray all them see, with modesty, Him in their odyssey
Our finite minds will never understand the work of God nearly
The universe doesn’t reveal, they imagine what’s real
God has revealed enough and the rest, He has it concealed
And this “mass”ive ordeal is just another chance by Him
For them to rest and take the test of faith, pass it and kneel